Our #1 Team:

  • The Wallowa Mountains whose glacial silts and pristine waters give us soil.
  • The Soil who gives us quinoa.
  • The community of Wallowa County who supports our efforts to grow
  • Thousands of years of South American communities who have kept these quinoa strains alive.

Our Day to Day Team:

Ted Golder — founder, writer and weeder. Ted has written and narrated several internationally acclaimed documentaries and has coordinated various ethnic art exhibitions and festivals for the Hauser Gallery. Now, fueled by his passion for the quinoa and the beauty of Wallowa County he has turned his energies to Eagle Cap Quinoa

Patrick Thiel — lead farmer. Could have been an engineer, but then the farming world would have lost one of its very best. His Prairie Creek Farm is renowned for the flavor of its gnarly carrots, potatoes and beets.

Jerome Goertzen — community research and logistics
After many years of experience in marketing with Kodak, Jerome is now driven by a love of quinoa and a desire to strengthen the agricultural base of Wallowa County.

Linda Rooper — research and development
With years of experience as a horticulturalist with the forest service Linda tests germination rates and keeps an eye on our planting strategies

Joshua Parker — marketing and consultation
Joshua has a background in Internet marketing nutrition and complimentary health products. He has had a long affair with quinoa. Joshua knew about it before any of us.

Ellen Bishop — photography and consulting
Geologist, photographer, writer, hiker, rafter, Ellen does it all