Our Mission: Offering people a chance to eat healthier and live better one meal at a time.

What We are Doing: Today’s health minded consumer wants to know where their grains come from, who the farmer is and how it was produced. And more and more the emphasis is on local. Eagle Cap Quinoa is bringing to you, the discerning customer, a local superior quinoa. Eagle Cap Quinoa is committed to producing a 100% certified organic high quality product.

Why our Quinoa is Superior: We grow our quinoa on Prairie Creek Farm in Joseph Oregon where the glacial silts and pristine mountain waters create a soil and mineral content that is famous for producing exceptionally flavored food. We have been working closely with Washington State University, one of the world’s leaders in quinoa research, to obtain the optimum variety of quinoa for our soil and climate. Our quinoa is processed by Andean Naturals assuring the highest food cleanliness standards possible.

Why Us Why Now: Eagle Cap Quinoa is at the forefront of a revolution in agriculture. As world demand for quinoa rises sharply South America struggles to keep up with the demand. North American companies are poised and about to become major producers of quinoa. The trend will be a mass produced lower quality product. Eagle Cap Quinoa’s quality and commitment to organics is a response to this.

Where We are Going: This year we will supply many high end restaurants in Portland, Oregon including Ava Genes, Higgins, and The Q. We will also be supplying various value added product lines such as local health bars and regionally distributed soup mixes.