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Wallow County is a farming community. Our farming practices take care of the land. By taking care of the land we take of the community. Due to our elevation and short growing season there are only a few cash crops which grow here (wheat, alfalfa, canola, and hay) quinoa offers a real financial potential for the community. As we expand we are teaming up with other farms and farmers in the county to increase opportunities.

South American farmers have kept quinoa strains alive for thousands of years. Without them there is no quinoa. Whatever turns the marketplace takes a spot must be guaranteed for the South American farmers. We support fair trade and cultural exchange and are happy to work with Andean Naturals toward this as it is their passion also.
Next year as we further expand we intend to build our own processing plant right here in Wallowa County Oregon. Various value added products and cleaning equipment will create local jobs and add to the list of quality products that come from our county.

We invite you to become a part of the local organic quinoa revolution now.  You can be a part of the team and feel good about supporting a project that brings better food to the people, enriches the soil, and strengthens communities: